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Are you ready to change?

What's stopping you?

If you find it hard to explain your problems or come up with new ideas, you're not alone.

If you don't have time to gather all the information your software vendor is asking for... Redwood Design offers task-based or project-based services to get you started, and to get it done.

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Understanding Creates Interest and Focus, Followed by Progress and Success

  • As-Is ... Understanding where you are
  • To-Be ... Deciding where you are going
  • Next-Steps ... Business, Systems, and Process Analysis
  • And Maybe ... Automation

Knowing where you’re going makes it easier to get there… and more importantly, it helps you know when you’re there

Getting to Where You Want to be with Your Business, Your Software, Your Office

Data is so important today. Information is power. With data and information, you can make informed decisions.

START HERE: Identify your processes and data involved. Determine what needs to be modified, what may be missing, and what is redundant.

NEXT STEP... Let's Talk About Data

Ron Centra

Do More, Do It Better

Process Improvement Requires Knowing Your Process

Business Process Improvement

If it wasn't obvious before the pandemic, it's certainly obvious now, there are a lot people that are indirectly involved in workflows.

There are people that other people go to for information. These people have information, or they have access to information that someone else needs. What if more people had access to more information? What if everyone could access what they need? One of the reasons there are so many people involved in some many other people's work is often because people are the gatekeepers for information, and that might even include redirecting requests and blocking access to incorrect information and old information.

When we talk about process optimization or reengingeering, we may not be talking about the processes that come to mind. In the workflow example above, the problem may not be that there were too many people involved. It could be a data issue. And, it could be the software or lack of software. It could also be a configuration issue.

Redwood Design Can Manage, or Help You Manage, Your Distributed Workforce

  • Establish Agreed and Approved Process Documentation
  • Create and Populate Project Workspaces
  • Configure Remote Access to Applications

Breaking things down into manageable pieces

Redwood Design offers a variety of services that can help your organization. From business, system, and process analysis, process development, software implementation, and software support.

Don't struggle with change

Low-Code / No-Code


Change Management


Automation can free up staff so they can focus on their jobs

If people are part of your information management and distribution infrastructure, that is a problem that can be fixed

Automation will be mainstream before you know it. In some ways it already is. I think a perfect example is your Smartphone. And the best part is... people of all ages have successfully adapted, and many have been empowered by their Smartphone. We've gone from the simple home telephone, the landline, to Smartphones. They're phones and pocket-size computers that we use for communication.

Example: Smartphone = Automation

Your Smartphone has made communicating easy. Your Smartphone likely has contacts you've spoken to, contacts you've emailed, and maybe even contacts you know through social media. You can reach out, and with a little help from your Smartphone, have all the components, all of the instructions, to make the connection or send a message.

Smartphones also provide access to the Internet, access to a plethora of social media apps, to news and information, photography, video, navigation tools, data stores (your cloud storage like Google Drive, Dropbox, and OneDrive), entertainment, education, and more.

Low-Code Empowers... Awaken Your Inner Developer

Welcome Citizen Developers. If you can create process flows, you can design and implement CRM Apps. 

  • Cross Platform Accessibility
  • Visual Process Designer - Drag and Drop
  • Your Business Analyst Can Be Your Developer


Learn About Your Business by Looking at Your Data

Is it Master Data, or just Data?

  • Identify Data and Master Data
  • Understand Where and When Your Data is Entered
  • Approve Your Data Model
  • Create Reusable Data
  • Implement Consistent Processes

Let's Talk About Solutions

Ron Centra

Consistency and clarity are needed to successfully roll out automation

What you call it, how you spell it, how you associate it with other things matters...

If your data does not communicate what's happening in your business, you may have a data problem.

If you are realigning, reassigning, or worse, rekeying, or if you find that you are reorganizing and recalculating to report and forecast, you may have a data problem.

If you are not the only one on the team doing all this, you may have a serious data problem. If you have a data problem, contact Redwood Design. 






Implement Effective Return-to-Work Policies

Rebuild Operations Without Risk

Expect the Unexpected

If you're missing anything, we're here to help!

  • Remote Service
  • Remote Support
  • Remote Evaluation
  • Remote Training
  • Remote Change Management

Let's Talk About Recovery and Continuity

Ron Centra

Insight + Imagination + Ingenuity + Inclusion + Integrity = Success

(can be good)

At some point, some things cannot be done better... they must be done differently.

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